Imagine being responsible for saving the world from its inevitable end. Everybody would be watching

you as to use your skills to save mankind” What would that feel like? An enormous burden for sure!


Let Michael Keyth take you on a journey where you meet Arthur, Tokutei, Lian, Surya, Jason and Dan, who will soon learn exact experience what it feels like to be placed in such a position of importance. Where book 0 was about meeting each character individually, this story introduces you to seeing them in action. And what an action that is, as their task turns out to be not an easy one!


Read the adventures and endeavours of these six characters, who have been trusted to find the five

pieces of the Seal of Solomon. Feel the action and emotions as they fight demons, zombies, ghosts and many other supernatural creatures. You will immediately love the characters, and get your mind twisted by unforgettable flashbacks. This is a book that you will not easily forget.


If you love vampire, demon, ghost and zombie stories, this book is a must read.

What is ASAT?

A.S.A.T. is a special group created by the billionaire Arthur West. The group consists of the best of the bests. Their aim is to stop Cizin- the most dangerous demon, responsible for the end of the world 2012, before it happens. However to stop them, they must collect 5 pieces of the Seal of Salomon, which is the only thing that can imprison the demon.

Synopsis from 2009

Thousands years ago King Solomon was given a sacred seal, with which he captured 72 demons. Yet he failed to lock the worst one- Cizin. In modern times, Arthur West, one of the richest man in the world, learns that Cizin is responsible for the end of the world in 2012. He devotes his life to create a special organisation, whose aim is to stop the demon by finding 5 pieces of the Seal of Solomon. He chooses best people from the world: a martial arts master from Japan, a Chinese spy and hitwoman, an American vampire hunter, an Australian SWAT member and a Dhampiric girl. Read Book 0 and learn how each member became involved in ASAT


2013-10-24 Reviews

Review by StrawieB from France

1.       Book 0 of ASAT. I like the title, like the idea, the characters and the action. What I don’t like is time I have to wait for next part to be available.

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