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Part 1 takes place in London in 1995 and in Botswana

Part 2 takes us to a thick bamboo forest near Tokyo

Part 3 is set in New York and New Jersey

Part 4 takes place in Sydney

Part 5 is set in Beijing

Part 6 takes us back to New York


2013-10-24 Reviews

Review by Antoine21

I have been following Michael Keyth and ASAT for a long time now, and I must admit, his work is brilliant. I’m not a native English speaking person, and as I heard, neither is the author, but even though he managed to create a great piece of work. Whenever I read an English book written by a native speaker I had to use the dictionary every few sentences. Authors simply choose words that nobody uses, and here I didn’t have much problems with understanding what was going on. 5/5 score. You must read it or you will miss quite a great piece of work. P.S. Tokutei is my favorite character.

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