Interview March 15, 2012

Interview by a local newspaper- March 15, 2012 (translated into English)


In: I am here with the local author Michael Keyth


MK: Good afternoon


In: It isn’t your real name, is it?


MK: No, Michael Keyth is my pen name derived from my name and nickname


In: You are currently re-editing your novel A.S.A.T.  What does A.S.A.T. stand for?


MK: Anti-Supernatural Assault Team


In: from the title I may presume it is some kind of a horror?


MK: That is correct, but I also stuffed it with lots of action, suspense and adventure


In: Your book is getting quite popular on the Internet. Tell us, what it is about


MK: A.S.A.T. is a special team created by a billionaire Arthur West. His wife had been killed by a demon, and thus he devotes his life to fight all the supernatural and paranormal creatures.  During his research he learned that one of the demons is responsible for the end of the world in 2012.


In: Could you tell us something more about the demon.


MK: Hmm. During my research for the book, I read some old texts. We know that the Mayan calendar is due to end on 21st December 2012, but we do not exactly know what would happen then. It may be the end of the world or it may be some kind of revolution, religious, technological, extraterrestrial or more likely nothing may happen then. I tried to use this in my book. I researched the Mayan religion and their gods. They had one god Cizin, who was their god of death. In some other text, Testament of Solomon, I found out that King Solomon received a special seal, so called Seal of Solomon. He used it to capture 72 demons. I used and combined these stories. In A.S.A.T. King Solomon couldn’t find the last, 73rd demon- Cizin, who is responsible of the end of the world in 2012. The only way to stop him is to find the Seal and lock him.


In: where is this Seal?


MK: the Seal has been broken by Cizin into 5 pieces and the most powerful paranormal beings own each piece.


In: could you tell us something more about the plot?


MK: Let me think. The book is divided into 5 parts, each part deals with one piece of the Seal and each part is different. We can see how the team struggles to get each piece and what they are willing to do not to fail. Each story has different flashbacks that will help readers put all the pieces of the story together. I’m afraid I can’t tell you more.


In: Ok, so tell us something about the origins of the book and how you decided to write something like that.


MK: well, whenever I watched a TV series, movies or read a book, there was always something missing. Something I would like to add, to see or to read. In the very beginning I wanted to see a great battle between supernatural world and the humans, with numerous different creatures. I always imagined a huge castle on an island that must be defended from thousands of invaders. Then I started to gather all the ideas to turn it into a book. However, during my long research I decided to put the great battle into the second book.


In: where did you get an idea for the team itself:


MK: I’m not going to talk about each character yet, but the whole idea for the team came from Supernatural TV series. Before I saw the pilot, I imagined that Dan and Sam would have cutting edge technology to deal with the supernatural creatures that they would work for an agency or something.  It turned out nothing to be true, so I decided to use my expectation in the book.


In: Why have you decided to write in English even though you’re Polish.


MK: about 8 years ago, I tried to write a romance in Polish, but Polish language doesn’t have so many words as the English one. You see in English, to me, everything sounds better, so I decided to write it in English. It’s still easier for me to write in English than in Polish even though I’m aware of the mistakes I make.


In: what about vocabulary, did you haveany difficulties with it?


MK: Of course I did. I tried to use a sophisticated creative language, like many other authors use, and, of course I had to look up lots of words.  But still, my style is different from native speakers’ and you can see it in the book.


In: I may only say good luck with your novel, Michael. I hope to read it when I polish up my English.



2013-10-24 Reviews

Review by StrawieB from France

1.       Book 0 of ASAT. I like the title, like the idea, the characters and the action. What I don’t like is time I have to wait for next part to be available.

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