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Tuesday, 05 November 2013 19:33

Qiaolian Shu

Qiaolian is also known as Lian. Born on 11th March 1987 in China. Her parents ran a spy/agents agency, which she and her brother inherited after their death on 24th January 2005. Since childhood, she was keen on fighting and doing martial arts. She was trained in 10 martial art style and 5 different weapons. At the age of 10 in 1997 she became a worldwide champion in wushu. She managed to hold the title for 2 years. She could have held it for more years, but she became more and more fascinated in spy and agents work. Since 1992 she was taught how to use guns, hence her accuracy is flawless. Since 2000 she took part in missions with her parents. Her brother was the operator and instructor. Since 2008 she focused mainly on being a hitwoman and eliminating people. Her most famous take outs included for instance three out of 5 most wanted people in China. On 26th September she was invited to ASAT by Arthur. However, her brother mysteriously disappeared on that day.

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He was born on 25th September 1984 in Japan. His parents were very poor and gave him away to the monastery. There he was trained with 10 other orphans to create DRAGONS- Japanese special forces for impossible missions. His name has a symbolic meaning; “tokutei” (special from Japanese) because, he exceeded others in everything. He was trained in 15 martial arts styles and fighting with 10 different weapons. He was the best Dragon among the others. On 25th September 1997 he was visited by Arthur. DRAGONS were used for the first time on 3th February 1999 near Tokyo to kill the Yakuza boss. DRAGONS were also used to help the Americans in both Iraq and Afghanistan. On 25 September 2012 he was visited by Arthur and accepted his offer to join the ASAT unit.

Tuesday, 05 November 2013 19:30

John Bishop

General John Bishop is a former leader of Special Forces. In late 90's he met Arthur and was given a chance to lead the second ASAT unit.

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Seith is a demon, a possessor to be precise. He had stayed in Hell until 1666 when he was given a chance to visit Earth. Because of an incident, he was banished from Hell.

Tuesday, 05 November 2013 19:29

Amanda Brown

Amanda Brown was born on February 14, 1994. She and her sister lived in France till their parents were killed when they were children. The girls were put into an orphanage where they learnt the art of hunting monsters.

Tuesday, 05 November 2013 19:28

Patricia Brown

Patricia was born on July 26, 1990. She and her sister lived in France till their parents were killed when they were children. The girls were put into an orphanage where they learnt the art of hunting monsters. She is a member of second ASAT team.

Tuesday, 05 November 2013 19:26

Jack Taison

Born on August 30, 1972 in Poland. After graduating from military school, joined GROM. Later, He left Poland and became soldier of fortune. WEas recruted by Bishop and joined second ASAT team.

Tuesday, 05 November 2013 19:19

Michael Davis

Born October 31, 1978. He was a soldier and took part in many missions worldwide including Iraq. After leaving the army he became an undeground champion fighter. He lost no fights in his 1000-fight carreer. He earned a nickname "Unbeatable". He was put in jail for the fights and was given an opportunity to join ASAT.

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Book 1- The Seal of Solomon

Imagine being responsible for saving the world from its inevitable end. Everybody would be watching

you as to use your skills to save mankind” What would that feel like? An enormous burden for sure!

Let Michael Keyth take you on a journey where you meet Arthur, Tokutei, Lian, Surya, Jason and Dan, who will soon learn exact experience what it feels like to be placed in such a position of importance. Where book 0 was about meeting each character individually, this story introduces you to seeing them in action. And what an action that is, as their task turns out to be not an easy one!

Read the adventures and endeavours of these six characters, who have been trusted to find the five

pieces of the Seal of Solomon. Feel the action and emotions as they fight demons, zombies, ghosts and many other supernatural creatures. You will immediately love the characters, and get your mind twisted by unforgettable flashbacks. This is a book that you will not easily forget.


After selling enough copies I decided to give my first (actually second) book for free. You can download it in many formats below:


for other formats please visit to download your free copy of Book 1 (I think you need to be registered with them to download it, but don't worry it's also free)

Want a Paperback? Starting from 08.28.2012 you may order a paperback of the whole Book 1 on Amazon for 9.95$

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Dan meets Surya

Here you can read the excerpt where Dan meets Surya for the first time. Dan the vampire hunter and Surya the dhampir had this awkward meeting.


Dan meets Surya
Dan was in his room looking out the window. He glanced at the watch and turned
round heading towards the door. He decided, not to be late, so he left his room earlier, and
slowly headed downstairs. While he was walking along the corridor on the second floor,
glimpsing over the paintings on the walls, he saw a figure of a woman at the end of the
corridor. He couldn’t see her clearly because of the dim light, but he noticed that she was tall;
nearly six feet. She was closing the door to the room trying to fit the key into the lock. The
boy slowly approached her. When he was about fifteen feet from her, he raised his voice and
“It works for your handprint, you know.”
The girl noticed a small screen next to the door and placed her hand there.
“The lock is only a decoration.”
“Oh, thanks, I just thought…never mind.”
As he was a few feet from her, he scanned her from top to bottom. It was a girl in her late
teens; 18, maybe 19. She was wearing regular jeans and a blue top showing her perfect figure.
She had long, straight, black hair with white highlights. The girl saw his face, and became
really intimidated by his handsomeness. She quickly looked down at the floor, then at him and
“I-I am Surya.”
He could easily see that she was nervous and didn’t want to make the eye contact with him.
“And I’m Dan. Nice hair by the way.”
“Thanks,” she replied raising her eyes.
Dan looked deeply into her weird, whitish eyes and froze. Something was wrong. The boy's
eyes grew with horror, as he made a step back.
“Is s-something wrong?” the girl asked slightly dropping her jaw.
Dan took a glimpse at her lips and noticed two of her teeth being a little longer than the
others. At this moment, Dan realised who she really was. He quickly took off a pistol, he had
always been carrying behind his belt and aimed at her yelling,
The girl quickly reacted by hitting the gun off his hands.
“No, you don’t understand, I’m...” she couldn’t finish, as Dan threw himself at her,
trying to knock her down.
She pushed him away using much more strenght.
“I’m not a vampire!” she exclaimed.
But the boy wouldn’t listen. He took out a silver knife attached to his shin, and again attacked
the girl.
“Stop!” someone shouted from the other end of the corridor.
The strange girl grabbed Dan’s arm blocking the blow and pushed him onto the ground. She
saw O.D. speeding at them.
“What the fuck are ya’ doing, Dan?” he asked furiously.
“She’s a vampire. We’ve been breached.”
“I’m not a vampire!” the girl shouted again.
Dan moved back and lowered the knife. Jason came closer. The boy kept looking at girl's
fangs and white pupils.
“So how would you explain your eyes and fangs?”
The girl leaned against the wall and took a deep breath.
“I’m a Dhampir, and I am like you; vampires disgust me,” she tried to explain.
Jason caught up with them, and stopped between her and Dan.
“Dan, for God’s sake, this is Surya, the girl Arthur was talking about.”
The boy was in shock, he didn’t know what to say or how to behave. He looked down and
“I’m sorry, I really thought you were one of them.”
Surya put her hand on his shoulder.
“Don’t worry, everyone does.”
“I’m sorry, but my original profession was a vampire hunter,” the boy continued. “It
was just a reflex.”
He tried to save his face by being polite in front of Jason.
“That’s OK. You wouldn’t have killed me anyway. I’m too strong for you.”
Having heard that, the emotions cumulated in him. But this time, he followed his brain, and
didn’t do or say anything irrational. He had to wait this one through. Even though he hated all
vampires and vampire-like creatures, he wasn’t happy to work with one of them. No matter
how pretty, or good she was. He simply despised of such creatures.


2013-10-24 Reviews

Review by Ninja from Boston

 Michael Keyth (very nice name, by the way) changed my life. It's  very hard to describe what I felt, so I will try to put it into simple words. I donwloaded the ebook because I liked the cover. When I finished first part I felt like when I found a new series on Tv and couldn’t wait to find out what would happen next. Great work. I hope Book 1 will come up fast

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