Ghosts and spirits

            Ghosts can be divided into three categories: specters, angry ghosts or lost souls.


Specters- these are old and powerful demon-like ghosts. They are evil in nature and they spread evil everywhere they go. They have some powers like: moving objects, teleporting, superhuman strength and being invisible.


Angry spirits- this type of ghost is the most common. They are lost souls who got confused, fed up and tired of their existence and do harm to everyone. Some of them are bound to places they died in or where their bodies are, like cemeteries or houses, others can move freely.


Lost souls- another type of ghosts. These spirits are fresh. It means they are souls that have died recently and they are rather harmless.


Ghosts don’t like iron and salt. If they come in contact with either of them, they lose most of their energy and to come back again they have to wait till they recharge. ASATs use special combination of salt and iron that sticks to spiritual body and as a result the spirits lost their all energy and cease to exist. Another way of killing a ghost is burning their remains.


In ASAT you can meet ghosts in Part 3 and 4 and the Book 2



2013-10-24 Reviews

Review by Ashlee, Manchester

I love the characters Michael has created especially Tokutei, a Japanese ninja who is trained in a dozen of martial arts. Each character is unique and I bet there would be some conflicts between them. BTW, read all the parts 'cause every one is different.

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