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Sunday, 17 November 2013 12:08

SMA Charles Williams

Sergeant Major of the Army Charles Williams is a black person, born on July 16, 1973. He dropped out of high school and joined the army where he proved to be extraordinary. by 2005 he became Sergeant Major of the Army and stayed in Denver till November 2012. We first meet him in Book 2 as person in charge of Alpha Point during the Hellish attack. He always tries to stay calm, but sometimes, we can see him losing it.

Sunday, 17 November 2013 11:35

Plot synopsis

Spoiler alert

Book 2 starts a few hours later after Book 1 ends. The end of the world is inevitable now and the whole peninsula where San Fracisco is, is preparing for the battle. ASATs are merged with the the second ASAT unit and divided into two teams. One of them has to go to Hell to retrieve the ring and Dan, while the second one prepares the island for the attack. Book 2 takes place within four days only, but is filled with action and suspense. Live through a great battle between human kind and supernaturals which result will define the fate of our world.


Part 1 At The Bottom of The Heap

Part 2 To Hell and Back

Part 3 The Battle of Wills

Part 4 So Near And Yet So Far

Part 5 To The Last

Sunday, 17 November 2013 11:35


Spoiler alert

The History of the Seal


The Seal of Solomon was made by archangels after they had seen what demons do to humankind. It was made from a blend of iron and brass, placed on a ring and bore the symbol, later known as the star of David. Archangel Michael himself gave Solomon the ring and told him what the ring is capable of. By the ring, the owner can command or lock demons. King Solomon used the ring wisely. He was able to bring under his command seventy two dangerous demons which he locked in the Seal. During the struggle with a powerful demon- Cizin, he lost the Seal. Cizin quickly became the king of Hell and no one could stop him anymore. Knowing that the Seal would be the only thing that can finish his reign, Cizin decided to destroy it, which he soon found to be impossible. His only option was to hide the Seal and to ensure no one will ever find it. He divided the Seal into six parts. Five parts were given to his children; Ayperos, Balan, Groth, Paymon and Shax, the last piece; the ring he kept to himself.

Ayperos entered Earth as the Roman Empire- Valens. He was tragically killed in the Battle of Adrianople in the fourth century and the Seal was lost in the ground. It was lying there untouched for over 800 years until it was found by one of the English knights during the crusades. It was taken to England where it was kept in Tower of London till 1666 when the Great Fire of London occurred and many items were taken out to a safe place. It was then stolen by a thief and sold to James Maryth, an affluent businessman living in the south part of London. The Seal was kept safe in a necklace and passed from generation to generation. In 1750 a vampire attacked and turned the last descendant of Maryth’s; Reiz. From that moment he kept the Seal on him.

Balan many a time left Hell and did awful things to the humanity. His most famous character was Ivan the Terrible in the sixteenth century. He was tricked and killed during a game of chess by Bogdan Belsky on March 28, 1584. He took the Seal, knowing what it really was and had always had it on him, until it was stolen from him while he was in Kazan. The thief was a young woman called Laima who had learnt witchcraft. In the seventeenth century, she left for America and settled there forever. In 1705 Cizin visited her himself to take the Seal but she refused to do it and made a deal to keep it forever. She circled herself by an enormous labyrinth and made everyone stay out of her place. When people learnt where the Seal was, they tried to take it from her, but none of them made through the labyrinth.

Groth never used a host body. He came to Earth in the eleventh century as a pure demon and stayed in Norway all his life. During Napoleonic Wars, he left the country and moved North to the island of Svalbard. In 1910 Sweden settled a mine town there; Pyramiden which was sold to Russian. Groth didn’t want to leave the place so he stayed there and became a local legend. He was later killed by a Draugr called Heith and became the holder of the third part of the Seal.

Paymon entered Earth only twice; once as Oliver Combwell, who wanted to take Catholicism out of England. After his death, he returned to Earth for the last time, and decided to keep the Seal away from the others. He was sent to Attica Correctional Facility in 1930s and stayed there changing hosts.

Shax spent her whole life in Hell. She mastered the art of sorcery and became the goddess of creatures known as orts. In 1980 she left Hell to become a queen of Demons that were still wandering on Earth. When she learned that humans are after the Seal, she made deal with vampires and some humans, and locked herself up in a tower in Bangkok turning the building into an impregnable fortress.

            Cizin however, lost the ring during the great battle in Hell. The ring was kept by one of the demons who entered Earth in 1756. He was killed by the government’s special organization to deal with paranormal entities and the ring was taken from him only to be buried below the ground in Area 51 in 1941.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013 19:49

The legendary blue-blade katana sword

The legendary blue blade katana sword was said to be made out of meteorite that had fallen on earth nearly 1000 years ago. The stone was found by the son of a Japanese swordsmith. He told about it to his father and after investigating the rock, the swordsmith decided to make a katana sword from it. He found that the metal from the outer space rock was different from the ones on earth. As a result, the blade was harder and sharper. The sword was then given to the descendants and passed from generation to generation. The last descendent of the sword was Iroshi Hakizama, who went on to become a general. He fought with the sword in many battles and was killed in 1608 during the ronins rebel. Since then the sword was missing.


The legend had it that this sword could cut through anything, as it has been made from the element not known on Earth. This element was harder than carbon fibre, lighter than lithium, and because of its unnatural blue color, it was named bluenium”

The location of the sword has finally been found on September 23, 2012, and a special Japanese group (Dragons) was sent to retrieve it.


Tuesday, 12 November 2013 19:48

Lian's codename "C47"

In her early life, before she became an ASAT member, Lian's codename was C47. It came from the Internet, hacking language that used ciphers as letters. In this language, her nickname should be read "cat"

Tuesday, 12 November 2013 19:47

King Solomon

King Solomon is a legendary character that appears in many religions. In Testament of Solomon (dates back to somwhere between 1st and 5th century) Solomon was given a Ring from archangel Micheal (Seal of Solomon). With the ring he locked up 72 demons and made them build his temple. In ASAT, King Solomon fails to lock up one more demon- CIZIN, responsible for the end of the world.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013 19:46

Dan's Ridle

In Book 0 Daniel receives a gift from his aunt that was given to her by Dan's parents. However, nobody knows what it is or how to solve it. The random numbers don't make sense.

At the end of Part 1 in Book 1, Dan manages to partly solve the riddle. However, two months later (Part 3), with a little help of Lian he manages to solve the riddle completely and discovers what his parents left him.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013 19:44


Probably the only fictional place in the book. Its a large spanish castle situated on an island about three miles west from Pacifica, San Francisco.

It used to be a Spanish castle that in the early years belonged to a spanish count. He was infamous for being cruel for killing babies. After eliminating the count the castle was given its name Maldito which means damned. The ocean was much further at that time and the castle towered on a hill. Now the ocean level is higher and the hill became an island.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013 19:43

Surya's name explained

Surya bares the name of a Hindu Supreme Deity that means "Sun." She is a dhampir and has several vampiric features. However, she is invulnerable to sunglight, hence the name.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013 19:42


N.Y.V.H.A. stands for New York Vampire Hunters Association. It is an official governmental organ dealing with vampiric entities in the whole state of New York. Every capital city in the USA has its own association, which operates on their territory. In New York, the group employs over one hundred people. It was founded in the nineteenth century by two brothers, right after they had lost their third brother to a vampire. Before the World War I, the association gathered over twenty members. They led a constant war with the underworld world of the vampires. Right after the World War II, the government legalise the organisation, and became its official organ. However, since its beginning, the organisation was kept in secret, and only few could join it. Nowadays, New York Vampire Hunter Association is the second largest in the USA, after Los Angeles Vampire Hunter Association. 15% of their members are underage hunters.


2013-10-24 Reviews

Jack Warner

First of all I would like to thank Michael Keyth for giving me opportunity to review his work as the first one. I had a great pleasure to read all five parts before they were published. Here is what I thought. In Book 0 we met six characters that make the team, here in Book 1 we have all these characters working together to complete the Seal of Solomon. There are five parts of the book and each part deals with one piece of the seal. The first one is the longest one because we have this introduction to ASAT, what the group is about what their tasks will be and so on. From the very start we may see several conflicts between characters who are totally different from one another. All the fights are presented in details and there are plot twists all the time. Many a time will you meet something that you didn’t expect, which only adds to the thrill you feel while reading this book. Each part has flashbacks concerning one character. The flashbacks themselves answer a lot of questions and they work like flashbacks in Lost, namely, they make you addicted to the story. To my surprise, the last part is not the best. I found the forth one the most exciting one, which takes part in Attica prison in the USA. What about the ending? There is no way you can predict the ending the story ends in such a point that you have to read Book 2. From what I know Book 2 starts in the point the first one ended, and I hope I would have this great opportunity to read it as a first one, too.  I recommend this book to everyone who love action, fights, paranormalia and of course love stories.   Jack Warner

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